Gupt: The Hidden Truth (1997)

Story: The son is wrongly accused of killing his stepfather. Who is the real culprit?

Review: 90s was an era indeed, Gupt had solidified itself as commercial hit thriller in the midst of the genre being not so common in those days.

I have a faint memory of the movie but I decided to watch this one. The movie is quite predictable atleast for me who have watched so many thrillers. I already figured out the culprit, but I was enjoying the moments. It is definitely ahead of time and if I watch it back then in 90s. I can only be shocked by the revelation. It is so clever.

The film tries to show many characters, almost teasing us and cornering us to one possible end. Such thriller plots are what we crave for in today’s time, but we are mostly fed with absurd and illogical cliffhangers. This one is a smart lad, it offers entertainment, comedy, romance and nail biting suspense.

The movie has surprisingly loads of hit tracks which makes you even more absorbed in the movie. The love triangle between Kajol, Bobby Deol and Manisha Koirala adds more spice to the plot. The direction, cinematography and music makes way for the blockbuster title.

Performances: Bobby Deol literally gives a stunning performance, he looks dashing and at the same time, he just leads the film. Kajol has an interesting character, thanks to the plot, she definitely steals the show. Manisha Koirala is another beauty who showcases her stint quite well and engages you with her character.

Rating: 8.5/10

Verdict: Must watch thriller for its shocking suspense

Star of the Movie: Kajol

P.S: I can give it 10 for its suspense, but given the film which is too predictable in today’s time, I tried to balance the score!

Shershah (2021)

Story: The life of Indian army captain Vikram Batra, awarded with the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest award for valour for his actions during the 1999 Kargil War.

Review: I am not really a big fan of such genre. Yet the rave reviews for the film bought me here. I have watched movies like Border, LOC in my childhood which were really interesting to watch. It has been a long time we have seen something so original and real.

The movie at the start itself pierces your heart with the first scene. I really love the way they have interpreted war scenes, it seems so close and real. It brings shivers down your spine just thinking on how the actual Indian army protect our country and fight daily against such attacks.

The movie is quite simple, and that is what I like about it the most. Even if it shows some romance between the leads, it is not something which drags the film rather makes you focus on how a girl literally waited for her man till the end.

The war scenes were quite light hearted which was also one of the highlight of the movie. At the end, they are human like us, who can curse the enemy, sing songs, laugh out but when you are in the field, it is time to attack.

I like how they have shared some glimpses of real Vikram Batra. I have never imagined someone really saying the code word ‘ Yeh Dil Maange More’. That’s how chill and passionate, the real Vikram Batra was and they really justified it right.

In a long run, this is a breath of some fresh content.

Performances: Siddharth Malhotra deserves every appreciation for the role. He made the character feel so real and lively. Truly amazing! Kiara Advani portraying her character Dimple, is one of my favorite character of the movie. Infact, it is one her best characters yet.

Rating: 9/10

Verdict: A truly patriotic film which shouldn’t be missed for its patriotic journey of a young man who gave his all for the country.

Star of the Movie: Siddharth Malhotra

P.S: I still can’t get over the war scenes… Goosebumps!!!

Laughing in Waikiki (2018)


Three friends living under one roof running a guest house. They have a spree of bad luck on them. One day, they discover a baby in one of their room. And the fun begins…


I have never laughed my heart out. Tickling your bones and literally making you fall out of the couch. The drama is so spontaneous and hilarious, the humour gets so gross at times, like you can’t imagine what scene you may end up watching.

The drama is a solid laugh till the first 10 episodes. It gets a bit stretched out at the last ten episodes. It seems like we laughed a bit too much or it seems like writer has ran out of ideas. Yet the last few episodes picks up the pace,and just when it is about to end. You are already missing out the characters.

An comedy drama can’t be fulfilled with awesome chemistry and the goofiness between the cast. I don’t think something can come across this drama. Definitely the best comedy K-Drama out there!

Cast & Performances

Kim Jung Hyun as Kang Dong Goo

The visual of the drama, his acting is quite goofy. The male lead who charms you but also can be embarassing at times. A cute, heart fluttering character. His chemistry with Yoon Ah is perfect and so his moments with Baby Sol are funny. The chemistry with the two of his friends is so hilarious!

Lee Yi Kyung as Lee Joon Ki

My favorite character of the drama. If you are laughing out loudly, a huge share of credit goes to him. His expressions are so comedic itself, you just can’t stop laughing. The most fun character of the drama.

Son Seung Won as Bong Doo Shik

He is like a geek, but his character turns out interesting with every episode. He will make you laugh out of nowhere. His funny banter with Soo Ah is definitely the highlight of the series.

Jung In Sun as Han Yoon Ah and Baby Sol

A typical female lead who is clumsy and annoying but suddenly she becomes the most lovable character. Her chemistry with Dong Goo is beautiful. She can be hilarious at times, but also an affectionate mother to our Baby Sol. Baby Sol is like the heart warmer of the drama, she just steals the attention with her cuteness and point-on expression.

Go Won Hee as Kang Seo Jin

Another fun character who has the most interesting part. Her chemistry with Lee Joon Ki is hilarious.

Lee Joo Woo as Min Soo Ah

She is pretty, and I really thought she is Moon Ga Young. My bad!!! She is sassy, fun and her expressions are so spontaneous. Really loved her! How can she look so similar, I am still dumbfounded!

Star of the Drama

Lee Joon Ki


A bit of dragging in the last few episodes, nevertheless it doesn’t really matter!


Just laugh and enjoy the chaos. Pure entertainment!


An wholesome comedy drama you will come across in K-Drama journey, tickling you down right till your cheeks hurt!



Green Mutton Kheema

This is one of the most special recipes which comes straight from my Mom’s kitchen. It is really hard to learn and cook on your own, but when you assist your mother, you not only give a helping hand, but also learn a thing or two.

I will definitely repost when I try out this dish with my own hands. But first let’s get with the details!

1. The Green Paste

  • In a mixer, take 5 green chillies, 100g coriander, 100g pudina, add pinch of turmeric powder, add 1/2 spoon khaskhas (poppy seeds), add 3-5 black pepper. Remove once you get fine green paste. You can add little water to adjust the quantity.

2. Main dish

  • Take 2-3 tbsp ghee into the pan. You can add oil instead too.
  • Add around 2-3 sliced onions, saute them well.
  • Once done, add the green paste, boil it, until it releases oil.
  • Add 1 tsp ginger garlic paste alongside the green paste, mix well and boil well.
  • Once it settles down, add 500 g of minced meat and mix well with the boiled green paste. ( If you are using 250g of minced meat, while making green paste, use only 3-4 green chilli to adjust spicy flavour)
  • Add 2 tsp of salt over it. Mix and let it boil and subside.
  • Add a pinch of asafoetida powder and on top of it, add finely chopped tomatoes, sliced potatoes, 100 g of peas. Mix well and allow it to cook. Add water as required to adjust quantity. Don’t add too much water.
  • Cover the pan with the lid.
  • Add water on the top of the lid. Boil for 5-10 min. You can add boiled eggs at the end and mix. It really tastes great.

Fun tip: A lot of people make red mutton keema which is more topped with the spices and chilli powder. This greener version relies more on pudina and green chillies and once you add potatoes, peas and eggs , it really adds to the flavour.

Hope you like the post, and as usual, try the dish, completely at your own risk!!!

My Top 10 – Boy Group Songs of 2021 (First Half Edition)

I am quite overwhelmed by the boy groups this year. I appreciate the refreshing concept, you know how tired I am of dark sounds, I don’t want it to be all fun but something different. With the incoming of second generation groups, and rise of fourth generation, and some groups which are still here to stay with the riding success, what a solid beginning of the year!

Eligibility criteria: Jan 01,2021 to 24 May 2021

10. Cinema – CIX

I have really enjoyed this song in a long run. It was the first boy group song of the year which stole my attention. The song has a very warm and cosy melody with some retro and vintage feel. It just feels so refreshing and healing at the same time. I really appreciate the concept and the music.

9. Black Mirror – ONEUS

I don’t why I was so mixed about this song. I am not someone who gets used to funk or jackswing genre easily. I really loved the performance. Lately, it is growing on me. I felt the concept was so sudden from them, but now I appreciate them trying different genres. They definitely breaking the mould with this one hit!

8. libidO – OnlyOneOf

What a sensous song! It just catches your breath, I really love the chorus drop. They really pulled it off with highlighting a sensitive topic but definitely not compromising the music at the same time.

7. Killa – MIRAE

For a debut group to start off with such a killer track brings more anticipation. I love the funk and groovy futuristic beats they adding up here. I can’t wait to see what more this group offers ahead!

6. Drunk Dazed – ENHYPEN

Such a banger already, it just makes you groove to the addicting chorus drop. I really didn’t like the autotune at first, but then who really cares, if you got such a sick and dope beat!

5. Hot Sauce – NCT Dream

Honestly, the chorus is still trippy for me. Though let’s admit it, the song is perfect for summer. I really love the verses here so much than the chorus drop but it has definitely grown on me. Definetely a vibin’ song!

4. Beautiful Beautiful – ONF

I feel really bad for not including Ugly Dance, but I had to choose one. Beautiful Beautiful is definitely 100/100 when it comes to music, like how more perfect it can be. ONF really knows to make perfect songs. It may have slightly dropped below now when it comes to my listening playlist. When you go back to listen this song, you can’t just be amazed how magnificent it feels!

3. One – ASTRO

I was surprised to see so many views for the music video. This song by far easily is one of the best boy group songs so far when it comes to the concept and the old school feel done right rather than making it sound too lame which is quite common with boy groups when they try to opt for this nostalgic vibe! Love it!!!!

2. Atlantis – SHINee

I am just shook by them, if that’s how I can put my thoughts. Their vocals are just insane. Don’t Call Me is definitely one of the best they have given, but this song surpasses the latter in terms of music. It’s groovy funk sound blended with high pitched vocals make it to the top!

1. Butter – BTS

Butter is definitely better than Dynamite and more than that, it is one of their best songs. I love how groovy it is especially the chorus having the summer splash synth is definitely my favorite, not forgetting the dance break instrumental. I love this song for the fun it brings to the house.

Hope you like the article… Which one is your favourite boy group song so far? Comment below!

My Top 10 – Girl Group Songs of 2021 (First Half Edition)

I still remember the last year, my final end-year list for my favorite girl group songs felt like a whole retro compilation. This time I guess – I should rather put it as serotonin boosted or let’s just say ‘what did you put in this song’. Though only one song in my list deserves this appreciation, still like every song has almost the same energy.

Eligibility criteria: Jan 01,2021 to 24 May 2021


If I have to compare this song with their debut song, the song still has not satisfied me enough. I really like the sound though the chorus doesn’t often has to be very strong, it can be pretty low-key mellow as well. I like how the song has this earworm melody, which definetely makes it catchy as hell.

9. Mafia in the Morning – ITZY

I still don’t like the song, but it is so heavily performance-oriented that I just gave up. I can’t stop dancing to this old school track. That’s what ITZY makes me do even with the weird sound. I love the prechorus and the bridge parts which does make it addictive atleast!

8. Easy – WJSN The Black

I didn’t like Unnatural much, I agree it was good but something felt very similar about it, just not them. I like this sub-unit song much better. It has this very sensous breathy vocals, which makes it stand out so well.

7. Next Level – aespa

I never disliked it as much as what others thought it in their first reaction. Yes, but it did sound trippy! I like the funk, and now I love every bit of it! The transition, the groovy rap and incredible vocals make this one so edgy and sassy. I really want to see how long I enjoy this track till the end year.

6. Doom Ta Ta – TRI.BE

When I first listened to this song, I was probably like what the hell is this! I am not used to such trippy songs, it felt so high. I am myself amused how I am addicted to this song. The quirks this song offers, definitely makes me groove to its slapstick melody.

5. Ring Ring – Rocket Punch

I am a retro fanatic, last year was not enough for me! At one point, I thought I would get bored but you know my ears can’t ignore this sound. I am totally digging this up. I just can’t get over the synths at the chorus.

4. After School – Weeekly

The most addicting song ever. Seriously a ‘what did you put in this song’. It has already became a earworm, the more you listen, the more you vibe to this one!

3. Love So Sweet – Cherry Bullet

The first girl group song of the year which caught my attention. The melody and the beat itself is so catchy and the chorus which just becomes a catchphrase hook. The most underrated song of the year which deserved more!

2. We Go – fromis_9

Undoubtedly, this one goes off even better than their last year’s single. A total summer mood! They are literally killing it right now.

1. Dun Dun Dance – Oh My Girl

Ultimate summer bop so far! I can’t skip this song. I love how simple it is, there is really nothing in this like the other songs which make it extraordinary, yet it manages you to groove to the beat with easy choreography and feel good vocals!

Hope you like the article… Which one is your favourite girl group song so far? Comment below!

Mahal (1949)

Story: A lawyer gets captivated by the ghost of a woman who seeks for lost love.

Review: It felt like watching a holy trilogy – Kohraa, Woh Kaun Thi and Mahal. All these movies depict a ghost plot – yet the story is so different and just amazing. They have their own flaws but you can’t miss what they offer.

If Kohraa was a bit slow-paced, it truly offered a haunting plot. Woh Kaun Thi despite its cliched ending, was totally spine chilling and definitely ahead of its time. Though Mahal steps a bit further ahead to take away my praises, what an ending!

The film right away begins with the plot of how the supposed palace has its own backstory which is very intriguing and turns out interesting with the appearance of the ghostly woman. The protagonist (Ashok Kumar) gets lured in the beauty of the woman (Madhubala) who is looking for her lost love. This is where starts some romance and unlimited music.

The music is the most important and beautiful part of this movie. I have seen many black and white movies. This one has some incredible music and lyrics especially the singer with the deep voice just takes my breath. Very praiseworthy!

The movie does get a bit tangled up or dragged in the middle but it is on its way to build up to the climax. It may seem a bit like cliffhanger but the suspense it adds is definitely surprising as what follows just leaves a haunting trail.

Performances: Ashok Kumar is just a gem, his performance is so solid. Immense respect to him. His chemistry with Madhubala or be it his scenes with Vijayalakshmi ; his scenes where he gets lured into Madhubala and distances himself from his own wife. Madhubala is not only a pleasure but also is captivating to watch where she steals every frame with her beauty and dialogues. Vijayalakshmi’s acting is very menacing if I have to put – she plays a wife who needs love from her husband. The way she portrays this character with extreme anguish inside her definetely gives you chills.

Rating: 10/10

Verdict: Gothic horror suspense

Star of the Movie: Ashok Kumar

P.S: The ending really was so justifying, it left a chill and the song Aayega Aanewala just swoons you.

Kahogo no Kahoko (2017)


A girl raised up in an over protective environment by her family. She meets a guy who gives her a reality check of how she should not be too much dependent on her parents. How will she face the odds of reality and become independent by making her own decisions?


The drama is quite short but is definitely a quick grab for rom-com family genre lovers with a slice of life.

You may at first find how absolutely annoying or childish is the female lead but you can’t end up loving her (she is so adorable with that meeky smile of hers!) The drama is solely about her journey, of how her mom literally spoonfeeds her over ever, and her dad who though is pretty strong minded, can’t really utter a word over his wife! A typical family scenario!!!

Kahoko and her journey is incomplete without her huge family who totally adores her. She meets a guy who is struggling over his career. He plays a huge role in her life, finally breaking away from her mother’s overprotective world. This is where the drama never loses its pace.

The family scenes are enjoyable and relatable and gives a lot of wisdom. The chemistry between two leads is absolutely endearing (you wish for one kiss, but you won’t get it, but it isn’t necessary either!)

The ending seems quick and short and could have showed more insight into Kahoko’s dream, her independence and her career, but somewhere ends up getting tangled up in her family’s problems and wishes. Nevertheless, you will just end up loving the warmth of family and Kahoko!

Cast & Performances

Honorable Mentions

To the entire cast and crew!!!


As I said, I wished they focused more on how she handles her career and after marriage life, not that it refrained from the subject, it just felt short.


The family is an essential element of this drama, overall it is the most relatable drama for every individual who still may seem sluggish, but after all there will come a time when he has to step out independently as an adult.


A pure, fun-loving, family, rom-com drama


Butter Chicken

Last week, I prepared this all-time favourite dish of mine which I absolutely relish to the core. It is not my first time cooking this recipe. I went through many trials and errors. Of course, you can’t be perfect enough to get a restaurant-like flavour. This time though, I definitely was not disappointed though I atleast got what I expected!

If you search through the countless recipes over the social media, you will almost get the same one. I feel such recipes are okay, but mostly ends up being overwhelmed with spices rather than the actual buttery taste you expect from the main dish and the amount of ingredients and effort is totally a time consuming process.

I found one recipe, and I felt it easy and it tasted a lot better and perfectly well-balanced. So let’s see what we need to prepare!

1. Marinate chicken

  • 1/2 kg boneless chicken
  • 1 tsp garlic-ginger paste
  • Lemon juice (you can squeeze one lemon)
  • Salt to taste (add accordingly, as you may add it later to the gravy)
  • 1/2 tsp Kashmiri Chilli powder
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp Cumin powder
  • 1 tsp Garam Masala
  • Add yogurt ( as per the quantity of the chicken)
  • Mix well
  • Leave it for half and hour if you are in hurry ( better to marinate at least 1-2 hour in advance)

So once we marinate the chicken, you need to prepare two things in advance!

2. Tomato puree

  • Take around 3-4 or 5-6 tomatoes (ideally for 1/4 kg of chicken, 2-3 tomatoes are sufficient, since I had 1/2 kg of chicken, I took 4-5 tomatoes)
  • Boil them in a utensil filled with water, once it softens, remove the tomatoes and peel the skin of tomato under running tap water.
  • Add the peeled soften tomatoes in the mixer and we get the puree ready.

3. Cashew paste

  • The flavour of cashewnuts is an essential part of butter chicken recipe. Basically, it just adds color and consistency to the gravy.
  • You can add 1/4-1/2 cup of cashewnuts in a utensil filled with water. Boil it and then add the cashewnuts in the mixer.
  • If it is too dry add very little water in the mixer, and get a smooth paste. If there are any little hard piece left, then filter the paste before you add it directly from the mixer.

4. Fry the marinated chicken

  • Take a frying pan, add 2-3 tbsp of oil as per the quantity of the chicken.
  • You can even skip oil or add butter instead, but take lots of butter.
  • Add the marinated chicken and fry well until the chicken is cooked.
  • Many recipies show you to add charcoal to get that tandoori flavour, it is not necessary though unless you need to!

5. Main dish

  • First set aside the fried marinated chicken aside.
  • Take the same pan and add 2-3 tsp butter in the pan (add as much as you want).
  • Add garlic-ginger paste about 1/2-1 tsp. Sauté well with the butter.
  • Add a bit of salt to it, not much!
  • Add 1/2 tsp of red chilli powder.
  • Add 1 tsp of cumin powder.
  • Add 1 tsp of coriander powder.
  • Add 1tsp of garam masala powder.
  • Mix well with the butter, unless it releases oil, don’t overmix or else the masala would burn, the redness should be intact.
  • Add fried marinated chicken (usually there will be gravy, or excess masala, so do retain it).
  • Add tomato puree over the chicken and keep sautéing for a while and rest it for 5 min to simmer (You can add water as per the quantity of the gravy and allow it to simmer, but do not add too much water as it spoils consistency), unless it releases oil.
  • Add cashew paste over the gravy as it gives good color and consistency to the gravy.
  • Mix well and allow it to simmer for 5-10 min.
  • Once the gravy is simmered and seems thick and consistent, add fresh cream from the top (the more the better).
  • Add a pinch of kastoori methi and sprinkle it over the top of the gravy. Mix well and put off the gas after 2 min. You can even add butter at the end! Add required amount of salt and taste it at the end to avoid too much saltiness.

Fun tip: I cooked this two times. The second time I cooked this dish, I didn’t had cashew nuts, so my mom insisted to use almonds as alternative, I was not sure about how this would turn out. But honestly, it tasted exactly the same! Maybe, it’s just a nutty thing😂

Hope you like the post, and try the dish, completely at your own risk!!!

Sky Castle (2018-2019)


A story about how rich families who want their children in a prestigious university. An incident occurs within their vicinity which shakes everything. Moreover, one of the rich families hire a co-ordinator for their daughter to fulfill their dreams of her acceptance in the medical university. What happens next…


We all lie!!!

I was hearing so much about this drama that I couldn’t resist to finally go ahead with this one. This was a nerve-wracking experience.

I have watched so many K-dramas, of course there is a huge line on my bucket list. I have never seen a drama which is so classy, elegant yet so edgy and crisp. Especially, the cinematography and the cameraman and definitely not missing the production, this one was really something. It felt like watching a family sitcom drama which is overwhelmed by emotions and some cringe yet had a tone of minimalistic sarcasm, humor with a dark hair-raising social issue.

The first few episodes were very slow and cringe, it was like you are sitting in a class where you are totally sane but then you lose your mind seeing some bunch of alien and you suddenly realize like life can be so extravagant, rich people!!!

And suddenly you hold on to your gears, as this is from the point till the end of the drama, I have definitely not put on a break. It felt like I would regret if I don’t watch the next episode, suddenly you feel the airs of a thriller movie but you are wrong. This is a satirical drama which has so many cliffhangers, the tension is so real and especially the way the plot focuses on educational system and the division of two polar opposite social classes is way more nail-biting than any thriller movie. You don’t know how I feel, is it the acting which itself is so praiseworthy; the camera which captures emotions so well or is it that damn OST ‘We all Lie’ constantly playing at the end of the drama which just hooks me up more for the next episode. OSTs are definitely the soul for every K-drama, but THIS IS JUST A BREATHER, I SWEAR! You can’t imagine the drama without this song.


It is difficult for me to not say anything about the cast because that is what the drama truly highlights – four families and some remarkable performances and characters which deserve a mention.

Lee Myung Joo’s Family

The family is the center point of the drama which brings tension among the neighborhood.

Han Seo Jin’s Family

One of the most classy yet dysfunctional family – what looks outside beautiful is just rotten inside!

Jin Jin Hee’s Family

The most easy going and adorable family.

No Seung Hye’s Family

Probably the family which is mostly dark yet the character development is on point. It just ends up being your favourite.

Im Sue Im’s Family

A perfect family with most realistic approach than the other extravagant families.


I will definitely talk about my favorite performances which stole my attention yet praises to all the cast.

Kim Seo Hyung as Kim Joo Young

One of the most terrifying character in the drama. I have been a huge fan of her since the drama Come and Hug Me. She always fits such grey and negative characters so perfectly. Her voice and the way she delivers her dialogue is one of the most classy things ever. She owned this drama.

Yum Jung Ha as Han Seo Jin

I really enjoyed her in the drama. The way she carries her role as an elegant and classy woman yet her delivery of complex emotions though problematic just are captivating and intense. It is well-suited to say We All Lie fits her character.

Kim Hye Yoon as Kim Ye Seo

I watched her in drama Extraordinary You which is still in midway. This character is somewhat just her but I really appreciate her acting. Playing a spoiled brat from a rich family, and not knowing anything else. I don’t want to spoil much. Her character by far has the most amazing character development. Her one scene made m e move so much, it speaked volumes. Good young talent!

Kim Byung Chul as Cha Min Hyuk

I fondly call him Cha. It is impossible to forget him. My most favourite characters and what an actor, man! His expressions were so satirical. A man so scary, literally gives you chills and at the same time, he is a dorky fool. Brilliant actor!!!

Kim Bo Ra as Kim Hye Na

I am mixed about her character development. Yet she really acted well. Though just few flaws, made her character either impressive or irritating.

Honorable Mentions

Some actors whose character sketch and acting left an impression to me.

Yoon Se Ah as No Seung Hye
Oh Na Ra as Jin Jin Hee
Lee Tae Ran as Lee Soo Im
Chani as Hwang Woo Joo
Lee Ji Won as Kang Ye Bin


There are really not many cons, I wish the ending would have been more concise, it just leaves few things undone.


The drama influences and delivers the social issue in a satirical way of how education system burdens the students and how parents in the chase of their student’s goals can hamper not only the mind of the child but also make parents go to any length without thinking about their child.


An excellent, intense and ground- breaking unfolding social drama